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KareN Tribe Native Elephants

Now that elephants are no longer used in farming and forestry they have lost their economic value.

Villagers can no longer afford to keep them, and their future is in danger. The 4000 domesticated

elephants in Thailand can not be returned to the Wild. There is not enough virgin jungle for them

and they did not learn how to live in the wild when they grew up.

This Ecotourism project is a way for the Karen Native Elephants Village of Mae La Kee, to continue providing a safe and secure home for these gentle giants.

Our Project - Elephant Eco-Tribe

Ecotourism is the best way to safeguard these wonderful animals

Study Nature, Love Nature

We provide the highest welfare standards in an environment as close to Nature as possible. 

The cost of this is enormous, and we can only cover it with the help of the compassionate and caring Visitors who come to share our life with the elephants. 

Your contribution is vital, and in return, we hope you will enjoy coming to know these noble animals on a very personal level. 

Please come and experience the joy of spending the day caring for your own Asian elephant. 

“Save the elephants… and then you save yourself.”
- Mark Shand (conservationist)

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Day Trip

Chiang Mai Elephant Experience

karen tribe native elephants

Unlike the big nature parks, here you have a chance to spend one-on-one time with an illustrious Asian Elephant.

baby elephant chiang mai

Elephants love to play. On this trip, we provide a safe & tranquil environment for the animals and guests.  Participate in bath time, or play in the mud with baby David.

elephant nature park

When you’ve spent personal time with your elephant, and learned how the Karen Tribe lives in balance with nature, we’ll fill you up with a delicious organic meal from our farm.

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(Free pick up and drop off available from your hotel in Chiang Mai)

* We restrict visitors to no more than eight a day (with exceptions for families). This ensures you spend time with your very “Own” elephant during your experience.